Science wants to live!

is an independent initiative aimed at pointing out the problems of science, research and education in Slovakia and encourage positive changes in these areas. Founders of the initiative are researchers who realized the necessity of their own active approach and engagement in the issues of science policy in Slovakia, which is not a concern of political elite or public in the long term.

Science and research in Slovakia face continuing insufficient funding. Among the countries of EU and OECD, Slovakia ranks lowest in financing of scientific and research projects (proportion of GDP). Further budget cuts (e.g. -17% for Slovak Academy of Sciences) were announced for the year 2015. We are convinced that science and research are irreplaceable elements of education and culture of a society. We are determined to appeal to the competent authorities, so that support of science and research is not just an empty phrase, but that it will become a real priority as it is in all developed countries throughout the world.

Through initiative "Science wants to live" we would like to inform on the pitiful situation and distortion of the system in Slovak science, we want to provide space for ideas and comments from academic environment, we want to bring constructive suggestions to the discussion and initiate systematic changes. We want to bring success stories of our scientists, popularize and propagate science in the public as well as in the media and remind of the importance of scientific exploration for the life of a society.

We hope that this initiative will become a forum for those who are not ignorant of the fate of our science and who are convinced, that after more than 20 years of independent existence of Slovakia, it is time for education to become our priority.

Anyone who sympathizes with the initiative "Science wants to live!", can support us.

founders of the initiative "Science wants to live!"